How much are my users charged?

Your users are charged the price you set for a Charge plus any applicable VAT for the country they are in, along with a processing fee which is added to their invoice in any month they use a paid charge from your API.


If a British user makes 1000 requests to a charge of your API priced at £0.0015 , they will be charged £0.0015 * 1000 = £0.15 + 20% VAT, so in total that month they will pay £0.018 + £1 (processing fee).

The price a user sees may be slightly different to what you set as your charge price as we will add any applicable taxes and pay them over to the appropriate tax authority.

How do I receive a payout?

You can receive payouts when your pending balance is over the minimum payout amount (shown below).

CurrencyMin payout amount







To receive a payout you must setup your payout account in the API Manager billing section. Until your account is setup and has the required information you cannot receive payouts. This process usually only takes a few minutes.

When can I get my payout?

Payouts are paid out every month on the 20th of the month. Note that transactions up to 7 days before this date may be withheld from the payout for security, to allow time to resolve any disputes.

What is my Pending Balance?

Your pending balance is the total amount of unpaid PayPI subscriptions. When a subscriber pays for their usage for that month, this amount will be made available to you.

I need more help?

Sorry to hear we haven't made something clear! Not all is lost, just let us know on the live chat on our website or via email at hello@paypi.dev and we'll see what we can do.

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