💱Charge Currencies

PayPI supports three Charge currencies, these are currencies that your subscribers will pay in (also called 'presentment currencies'). These are:

  • GBP

  • USD

  • EUR

When your API is setup to support a currency, users from a country that supports this currency will automatically see the price of your API in their currency.

Note that you will not be able to take payments from users in all countries without supporting all three currencies.

e.g, if you have not setup your API to support USD, users from the US will not be able to subscribe to your API.

Set up a new currency

To support a new currency and accept payments from more countries, add the currency to your API from the Charges section of your API page. You can then set the prices of any existing charges in this new currency. You will be able to take payments from countries that supported the new currency immediately.

Keep in mind, once you support a currency, you cannot un-support a currency.

Exchange rates

The amount that you receive into your balance may differ from the amount you have priced your Charge at. This happens when the currency of the charge is different from the currency of the bank account you have setup to receive payments (for instance a US user pays in USD, but your bank account is in the EU and uses EUR). In this case you will be charged a 1% currency conversion fee by our payment provider and the currency will be converted from USD into EUR at the exchange rate set by our payment provider.

Is is important to account for this in your pricing as the amount charged to your subscribers does not change, but the exchange rates may vary.

You can see an estimate of the amount you will receive dependant on exchange rate here: https://dashboard.stripe.com/currency_conversion

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