💳Billing and Payouts

Subscriber Billing Periods

Subscribers are billed monthly for their usage that month, plus a fixed fee from PayPI (note this fee only applies if there was paid usage of the API in that month). Each users' billing cycle lasts for one month from when they subscribed to the API.

Partner accounts are paid once a subscriber completes their billing cycle, keep in mind this means Partners will not see their balance increase until the end of their user's billing cycles.

Monthly Payouts

Payouts are made into the account's Stripe-linked bank account on the 20th of every month.

In order to receive payouts ensure your Stripe account is fully setup. You will not be able to take payments until this is setup.

When your available balance is above the minimum payout amount (shown below), the money will be transfered into your connected bank account on the 20th of the month. If your balance is not above the minimum payout amount, it will stay in your account until it reaches it.

CurrencyMin payout amount







Prices shown to subscribers (VAT and Sales Tax)

Subscribers may see different prices than the price set on Charges, this is because VAT or sales tax may be added on to the price of subscriptions. PayPI removes this amount before calculating fees and pays it to the appropriate tax authority (this varies depending on where the subscriber is located).

For instance, if you set a Charge price of $0.01 per request. If a subscriber is in the UK, they will see the price as $0.012 as 20% UK VAT was added. This will be taken off by PayPI and paid to the appropriate tax authority and as a Partner you will receive your $0.01 as expected (dependant on any exchange rate calculations and PayPI fees).

The price a subscriber sees depends on both the location and the tax status of the subscriber

Subscriber is not registered for VAT/Sales Tax:

In this case the subscriber would see the price with VAT/Sales Tax for their region added on to the price as explained above.

Subscriber is registered VAT/Sales Tax:

When a subscriber is registered for VAT/Sales Tax and are located outside the UK they are charged using the VAT "reverse charge" and should take account of the VAT/ Sales Tax themselves.

When a VAT/Sales Tax registered subscriber is located in the UK, they are charged VAT at the usual rate, the same as if they were not registered for VAT.

The above calculations are dependant on the requirements of PayPI to register in each tax region. Some regions will show no VAT or Sales Tax as PayPI has not been required to register there and so does not charge VAT or Sales Taxes on the Charge price.

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